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Camp Fire Girls -

Bluebird Uniforms


Early Blue Bird Ceremonial Costume

1915, may have been earlier

Early Blue Birds earned ranks:
Nestling, Fledgling and Flier
Once Fledgling had been earned she could wear the blue cap.
Once Flier had been earned she could wear Blue Wings

Honors for early Blue Birds:
Sing - Gray Feathers
Grow - Blue Feathers
Help - Red Feathers
1st generation Bluebird uniform
The original Bluebird uniform was simple dark blue "tam" with a fuzzy pompom on the top,
and a large "lighter" blue triangle scarf. The scarf was supposed to be worn over a white middy top.
2nd generation Blue Bird (now noted as two words) uniform. The dark blue tam and lighter blue scarf remain, but a white genuine Pepperell Jean sanforized white blouse with an embroidered Blue Bird on the pocket, with a navy color wool flannel or cotton skirt has been added.

This style of uniform has been dated to 1941, and was likely used as early as 1938.
This 3rd generation Blue Bird uniform looks VERY MUCH like the newer uniform shown below, but there are subtle differences:
Different type of fabric was used
No Blue Bird emblem on skirt, no mention of a tab on skirt
Red felt suspenders were optional
Red felt shoulder bag is shown in image

In use by 1947
4th generation of Blue Bird Uniform
Separates: blouse with Blue Bird emblem on pocket, red vest and skirt.
Cap instead of a tam
White sock with Blue Bird emblem
2 different skirt fabrics, with different styles of pockets

By selling the components individually, Camp Fire Girls promoted that the cost was reasonable as it could be spread out over time.

S.P. sent in an image of her own Blue Bird uniform. Thank you S.P!

5th generation of Blue Bird uniform, introduced around 1968
Cap with embroidered Blue Bird emblem
Blouse with embroidered Blue Bird emblem on collar
One piece jumper with gold tone Camp Fire Girl buttons
Knee-high socks preferred, but anklets optional

c.1972 Blue Bird T-shirt


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