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Camp fire girls - war service & victory

In the days leading up to America entering World War I in April 1917, which had been going on since 1914, the Camp Fire Girls pledge their loyalty to the war effort:

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This handbook cover shows the Minute Girl uniform; white blouse, red tie and navy skirt and navy bloomers. The cap was expected to be white or navy, but surviving examples are khaki.

The Minute Girl program was part of Camp Fire Girls service for the war effort.

Armbands came in white fabric and navy fabric


Minute Girl Program

Slogan: Work through the Homes.


  1. Pray God each day that right may triumph, and for strength and wisdom with which to help.

  2. Walk 100 miles a month to become as 'Hard" as a soldier and to save money.

  3. Organize in groups of from six to twenty to study the saving of food and of labor in the homes.

  4. In these groups cooperate in salvaging the waste crops near the homes, namely, apples, berries, etc.

  5. All who can do so. operate gardens in accordance with the instructions from the Department of Agriculture.

  6. Cooperate with the American Red Cross in its classes and in its works.

World War II also had its unique emblems:

To earn the honor, a Camp Fire Girl or Horizon Club girl must:

  • Give 10 hours of service - service emblem

  • Another 25 hours of service - a red star

  • After 4 red stars were earn, and another 50 hours served - a chevron


Post-War, this emblem continued to be used, but was simply called a Service Emblem.

It was still in use in 1954.


Although found on a Camp Fire Girl ceremonial gown the V for Victory, World War II-era emblem does not appear to be an official CFG program emblem.


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