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Camp fire girls - Junior high

The short lived Camp Fire Girls program, the Junior High level, lasted only from 1962 until 1971. Meant for girls, obviously in the Junior High level of school, the name was changed to Discovery and continues today in the Camp Fire program. Why the name didn't last? Many schools were being called Middle School, instead of Jr. High, and they were meant for children anywhere from 6th through 9th, depending on the school. Also, Camp Fire Girls was probably looking for a gender-neutral name, in preparation of the program going co-ed in just a few years.


This supplemental booklet "Advance Information for Junior High" was offered to Guardians with older girls (but not old enough for Horizon Club) in Camp Fire Girls.

Starting way back in 1946, Camp Fire Girls realized that girls of the Junior High school age were needing something a little more from the Camp Fire Girl program. Camp Fire Girls continued to offered help through booklets for this age group through the years. They developed a supplemental program, studied it and then in 1962 officially launched the "Jr. High" level program, complete with its own uniform and pin.

Shown above, the new Jr. Hi. uniform, pin and handbook for 1962. By 1968 the cover of the handbook remained the same, but the size of the handbook was noticeably narrower.

Few items were ever offered for the Junior High program. The Diary (shown)  is one product that was offered. Note that the membership pin was pinned to the cap on the ribbon. Even though this style of uniform was still being offered in 1971, the handbook was gone and a new "Discovery" handbook was in its place. The Jr. High program officially ended in November, 1971.


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