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Pioneer Girls

In the early days, their "brother organization" was the Christian Service Brigade

Started: 1939 as the Girls' Guild

Name Change - 1941

The Christian centered Pioneer Girls Club began in 1939 in Illinois and was called the Girls Guild. This group was for girls of all ages and had four ranks; Royal Helper, Royal Maiden, Royal Lady and Royal Princess. They could earn badges in four fields; outdoor, nature, music and hostess. The program was the sister-program of the all-boy Christian Service Brigade.


In 1941 the program's name was changed to Pioneer Girls and the program was revamped. Girls under the age of 10 were Pilgrims and could earn a star and two badges; music and nature. Girls 11 and older were Pathfinder, Homesteader and Harvester ranks. Generally speaking girls 15 and older were considered Explorers, but at this time it was not a rank.

Later the Pioneer Girls had 3 age levels; Pilgrims, Colonists and Explorers, and in 1974 there were 5 age levels.

Through the years the program continued to grow and change.


Finally the Pioneer Girls and the Christian Service Brigade merged to become the Pioneer Clubs and continues today.


Early Years

Pin is a log cabin house


Although Pioneer Girls in high school weren't an official rank yet, they did have their own embroidered emblem and were called Explorers.


In 1959, Moody Press released Pioneer Girls adventure books by Bernard and Marjorie Palmer, followed by others:

  1. Pioneer Girls and the Strange Adventure on Tomahawk Hill - 1959

  2. Pioneer Girls at Caribou Flats - 1959

  3. Pioneer Girls and the Mystery of the Missing Cocker - 1959

  4. Pioneer Girls and the Mystery of the Oak Hill Mansion - 1959

  5. Pioneer Girls and the Secret of the Jungle - 1962

  6. Pioneer Girls and the Mysterious Bedouin Cave - 1963

  7. Pioneer Girls and the Dutch Mill Mystery - 1968


1963 - Changes in the program;

Pilgrims and Colonists become 2 separate programs and the

Explorer program is officially added


Pilgrims were now sub-divided into 2 groups; 3-4th graders and 5-6 graders. 

Pilgrim badges continued as words embroidered in red on blue fabric.


Badge list for all Pilgrims: Book, Citizenship, Handcraft, Kitchencraft, Loyalty, Nature, New Life, Outdoor, Pets, Safety, Sewcraft, Song, Water, Advanced Water

Badge List for 5th and 6th grade Pilgrims: Advanced Kitchencraft, Air Riflery - Marksman, Air Riflery - Sharpshooter, Bible, Campcraft, Collections, Drawing, Games, Garden, Hiker, Home Care, Intermediate Swimming, Memorization, Missions, Naturecraft, Nature Exploration, Sightseeing


Colonist: In addition to a new rank and new badges, there were also now "group badges", to be earned in a group setting.


Explorers - The new rank of Explorer was added in 1963, and was for girls in high school. However, the term Explorer had been part of Pioneer Girls from the early days.


1974 - Changes in the program


n 1974 the Pioneer Girls program changed it's program age levels:

  •  Voyager (2nd grade)

  •  Lavalier (3rd, 4th grade)

  •  Trailblazer (5th-7th grade)

  •  Shikari (7th-9th grade)

  •  Explorer (9th-12th grade).


During this time, Pioneer Girl badges were round, blue embroidery on yellow fabric. Examples;

kcpion71 (1).jpg
kcpion97 (1).jpg
Pioneer Girls.jpg
img28 (1).jpg

1963 era Pioneer Girls Explorer Jacket

img1AD (1).jpg

Pioneer Girls


Pioneer Girls Ring

Pioneer Girls Bracelet

Pioneer Girls Songbooks, the purple one is 1972

The Slender Thread

Stories of the Pioneer Girls' First 25 years


Pioneer Girls Wagon Pin

All summer camps for Pioneer Girls' were named Camp Cherith


1981 - Pioneer Girls becomes Pioneer Ministries, also known as Pioneer Clubs, and completes an evolution to co-ed

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