Camp Fire Girls - Bluebirds


Blue Birds were the junior organization to the Camp Fire Girls and were part of the program from the early days. The age a girl could join Blue Birds changed over the years, but the motto remained the same - Sing, Grow, Help!


Early Blue Birds earned ranks:

Nestling, Fledgling and Flier

Once Fledgling had been earned she could wear the blue cap.

Once Flier had been earned she could wear Blue Wings


Early Blue Bird Costume

Honors for early Blue Birds:

Sing - Gray Feathers

Grow - Blue Feathers

Help - Red Feathers

Blue Bird Pins and Jewelry

3 color versions of the Blue Bird Membership Pin


Blue Bird Pin, plastic


Blue Bird Happy Birthday Charm

Blue Bird Ring


Blue Bird necklace


Blue Bird Bracelet 1947, sold for many years


Blue Bird Items

Early Blue Bird Felt Patch

Blue Bird change purse


Blue Bird Flashlight 1950


c.1972 Blue Bird T-shirt



Blue Bird Statue 1954


1946 Blue Birds membership card

front of membership card


A Blue Bird Wish postcard c. 1957


1963 Effanbee Blue Bird Doll



Blue Bird Books







Early Handbook


1951 Song Book




A special Wendy Comic Book with the Blue Birds



Blue Bird Record Albums

Record Album

Record Album for the 1960 Jubilee