Future Homemakers of America

The Future Homemakers of America officially began in June of 1945, working to combine and unify hundreds of home economic clubs in high schools across the US. Later this also included junior high schools. It seems that there were National Projects and State Projects for members to work on.  The 1962-1965 list of National Projects were; Stay in School, You and Your Values, Focus on Family, Marriage Calls for Preparation and Action for Citizenship.

These emblems are from the various programs throughout the years. The New Homemakers of America (NHA), for students in predominantly black schools, merged with FHA in 1965. HERO, Home Economics Related Occupations was launched in the early 1970's, encouraging  FHA groups to expand their focus. The national emblem changed again in 1977. In 1999 the program changed it's name to Family, Careers and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA) and continues today.




Another version of New Homemakers is the FHA eight sided emblem with a banner across the front.



1999 - current



Future Homemakers of America Membership Pins

Membership pins came in 10k gold, rolled gold plate, Sterling silver and Bronze (Bronze started in 1950).


Type 1

Fewer rays behind house

Type 2

Multiple rays behind house

Type 3

2 thumbs visible, leaves at cuffs, arms extend to ring

Type 4

Separate program
Home Economic Related Occupations

Type 5

Merging FHA and HERO emblems
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Type 6

FHA/HERO changes name to Family, Career and Community Leaders of America


Future Homemakers of America Specialty Guards and Degree Emblems

Specialty Guards have pins on the back, degree emblems are charms on the chain between the FHA pin and guard pin.

Junior Homemaker Emblem


Chapter Emblem


State Emblem


FHA guard pin, older design

FHA guard pin

H = Honorary Guard
A = Chapter Advisor
M = Chapter Mother
P= Chapter Parent


Gavel Guard pin

Chapter President



Future Homemakers of America


Sterling Silver


Future Homemaker's Jacket

Future Homemaker's Jacket label



Future Homemakers of America

Letter Opener

Collegiate Style Ring, Type 3

Collegiate Style Ring, Type 2

FHA charms

Future Homemakers of America


Button style pins

Motto: Towards New Horizons

We are Family, Career, and Community Leaders of America.
We face the future with warm courage and high hope.
For we have a clear consciousness of seeking old and precious values.
For we are the builders of homes,
Homes for America's future.
Homes where living will be the expression of everything that is good and fair.
Homes where truth and love and faith and security will be realities, not dreams.
We are Family, Career, and Community Leaders of America.
We face the future with warm courage and high hope.

Colors: Red and White

Flower: Red Rose








February 1950

Teen Times, the official magazine