High School Victory Corps

  September 1942

information from a vintage TIME magazine article

The Corps was jointly sponsored by WMC, Army, Navy, CAA, the U.S. Office of Education Wartime Commission.


To wear a plain red V on his sleeve, a student must take courses in physical fitness and a war-useful subject (e.g., math), must enroll in at least one home-front job (e.g., air warden, scrap collector, farm worker).

Production Service

High-school juniors and seniors may join one of five special branches of the Corps — depending on whether they are preparing respectively for the Army, Air Forces, Navy, war industry or professions

Air Service

Sea Service

Land Service

Community Service

Uniformed High School Victory Corps

October 1942 issue of Scholastic Coach promoting High School Victory Corps

High School Victory Corps and Boy Scouts of America published a cooperative booklet