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Boy Rangers of America

Founder: Emerson Brooks

Started: 1913 as Boy Pioneers

Name Change - 1915

It was Emerson Brooks dream to fill the niche created when the Boy Scouts of American program took off. Younger boys were left hanging without any access to Boy Scouting. Before the Cub Scouting program began Emerson Brooks founded the Boy Rangers of America program to provide a group activity for boys too young for the Boy Scouts - the boys 8 to 12. Heavy emphasis was placed on Native American lore, ceremonial costumes, handicrafts and citizenship programs.

Emerson Brooks was already involved with the Boy Scouting program and he offered up his Boy Rangers of America as the perfect younger program.

It was not to be. BSA went with the British Wolf Cub program instead when it finally started a younger program in 1930.

Chin held high, Emerson Brooks continued on with his Boy Rangers of America for several years conveniently ignoring the slight from BSA. However, like many other youth programs, it faded away when Emerson Brooks died.


Boys were strongly encouraged to sign an Anti-Cigarette League Boy Rangers of America Pledge, stating that they would not use tobacco until they were at least 16. Boys learned the Ranger War Whoop, Yells and Hails. There was a special salute and secret grip when giving a handshake. Program had summer & winter uniforms and Indian costumes.


image: Dominique D.

image: Dominique D.


Hi-Pa-Nac, highest level in Boy Rangers of America


Boy Rangers of America

Membership Pin

The Boy Ranger Pledge

  I will do my best to live up to the Ranger Constitution and help my brother Rangers do the same. I will make an honest effort, as a Ranger, to do at least one Good Turn each day and to pay my Wampum each week.


image: Dominique D.


Dominique writes: The patches  on right sleeve is a red felt star, on right chest there is a  red felt  Boy Rangers of America logo. On the left pocket is the boy Ranger of America” Be Trustworthy “ patch and above pocket  the Boy Ranger of America Patch. On the left sleeve in yellow felt is the tribal insignia and below that is the rank. There are two  of the three official buttons as the bottom one is missing.  Draw string on bottom of shirt. There are no mfg tag on the shirt. Dimensions are 16 inches across shoulders,10 inches from armpit to bottom 17 inches across bottom. There is a 6 inch collar on back and is 13 inches across.

Unfortunately, like many other youth programs, the Boy Rangers of America faded away after its founder, Emerson Brooks passed away.

The Great Laws of The Boy Rangers

  1. Trusty Tommy is a Ranger

  2. Loyal true to every test,

  3. Helpful to the needy stranger

  4. Friendly, giving of his best.

  5. Courteous to the girls he knows

  6. Kind, a good turn every day

  7. Obedient to his parents, too,

  8. Cheerful, both in work and play

  9. Thrifty, saving for a need

  10. Brave, and not a faker

  11. Clean in thought, in speech and deed

  12. Reverent to his Maker.


How Kola (Hail, friend).


Be Trustworthy.


Talk Straight, think straight, live straight.

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