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to the only website DEDICATED to saving the legacies of many wonderful youth clubs that are rusting away into history, leaving behind tantalizing clues.

Do you remember clubs such as: Hearth Fire Girls, Boy Rangers of America, Girls National Honor Guard, High School Victory Corps, Kadets of America, Junior Birdmen of America, Moentita Girls, Bee-Hive Girls?

Not familiar with them? Well then this can be your introductory tour! Visit their pages and learn a little bit about them; where and when they started, what their membership pins and other items looked like, what they're doing today, etc.

The Vintage Kids Clubs Online Museum is devoted to re-discovering their best of intentions, those glorious dreams of crafting the youth of the world into productive citizens by some very creative methods.

Some clubs have drifted off to obscurity while others have morphed to modern times, but all share in the tangible world of  handbooks, insignia, awards and other things to touch and hold.  We can't let these beloved symbols fade away and be forgottem!

 Here those tangibles have a HOME.


My Mission...

to research, remember

and share the tangible joys of old, almost forgotten youth clubs.


The Vintage Girl Scout

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