4-H Panel Pins and Medals


First design of 4-H Club Panel Medal (with Beef panel)
early 1930s
9 panels were offered in 6 metals


Home Furnishing Project

Sheep Project

Poultry Project

Corn or Crops Project

Music Appreciation

Clothing Project

Pig Project



By 1936, there were four Panel Medal designs with a greatly increased number of panel inserts:

Other panels offered but not shown: College Seals
many sports


By 1956, they had 2 base designs offered as either a "medal" or a "pin-back" style and settled on just 30 designs for the Panel Pins and Medals that were offered:



In 1961, the 2 bases remained the same, however some of the panels had been changed - though the number remained at 30.


  • Bullseye
  • Dairy
  • Rifleman


  • Goat
  • Dog
  • Turkey


1969's catalog showed one change to the panels. The bases remained the same:


  • Dairy


  • Photography

By 1972 there were completely new bases and panels.







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