4-H County Awards

4H Awards have been proudly earned and worn by members throughout the years.

 This page covers the County Award level and my attempt to organize and date them.

 4H County Awards were basically offered in 7 versions:

  • Medal - big and heavy enough to be displayed hanging from a ribbon
  • Key - similar to a medal, but smaller with a distinct design (Meat Animal)
  • Charm - smaller, able to be worn on a bracelet or necklace
  • Pin
  • Paper Certificate (very few)
  • Tie-Tac (only 1 known, the Dress'/Fashion Revue for boys)
  • Key-Ring (1 - Automotive)

There was a large number of programs that a 4H member could earn an award. The programs were modified and names changed as they were added or dropped throughout the years as the interests and the needs of the 4H members changed.

The actual designs of the awards also changed throughout the years and can be difficult to date unless they are engraved on the back or paperwork is found with the awards. It is not known who was in charge of designing the awards but it could be understood that the major corporations that sponsored the award may have had a say in the design, at least in the early days. This may explain why there is little cohesion in the early awards.

Listed below are:

  •  known programs for 4H awards
  •   images of all the versions of each item, if available
  •  the sponsor or donor to program, if known
  •  the general date if known
  • Specialty Programs

What this page does not have:

  • Very early 4H Awards that were elegant but generic, meant to be inscribed with proper information
  • Panel Pins: items with a base pin and a separate "panel" designating the program that was affixed to the base pin.

This 1932 County Honor is "unknown", sponsored by Montgomery Ward Co. - Any ideas what this award was for?


-- A --

Program Title          

4H Achievement Awards

Sponsors: President of the United States of America
 National Committee on Boys and Girls Club Work (1942)

Ford Motor Company
No County Award
for 1946 & 1947

Agricultural Program

International Harvester

Alumni Recognition (Adult)

Introduced 1952

Olin Mathieson Chemical Corp. Plant Food Division

Automobile Program


Firestone Tire & Rubber Co.


-- B --

Program Title          
Bale of Cotton Award  

Beautification of Home Grounds

Mrs. Charles R Walgreen (1942)

c. 1947


E. I. du Pont de Nemours & Co.
Bee Keeping  

Better Farm and Home Methods (1946)

Farm and Home Electric (1951)

Westinghouse Educational Foundation (1946)


Boy's Agricultural

 International Harvester Co.
Bread Demonstration

 Standard Brands Inc.



-- C --


Program Title          

Kerr Glass Manufacturing

Food Conservation, Preservation and Safety

Heinz Vinegar



Sponsored In Honor of Thomas E Wilson


Spool Cotton Co. (1942)
 Coats & Clark Inc. ( 1958)

c 1947
Community Beautification        



-- D --


Program Title          

Dairy Production Demonstration

Kraft Cheese Co. (1942)

Dairy Production

 The Oliver Corporation

Dairy Achievement

Lederle Laboratories Div. American Cyanamid Co. (1951)
Dairy Foods

Dairy Foods Demonstration

Kraft Cheese Co. (1942)

Kraft Foods Co. (1946)

Carnation Company (1951)




Dog Care

Dog Care and Training

Ralston Purina Co.
Dress Revue

American Viscose Corp.
Chicago Mail Order Co. (1942)
 Simplicity Pattern Co. Inc. (1958)



-- E --



Program Title          
Electric Energy

Electric Program

Electric Energy

Better Methods Electric




Westinghouse Educational Foundation


Hercules Powder Company


-- F --



Program Title          
Fashion Revue

Simplicity Pattern Co & White Sewing Machine

McCall's Pattern Co & Viking White Sewing Machine Co.
Field Crops

International Harverster Co. (1951)
Arcadian Products Dept. Allied Chemical Corp. (1958)

Foods Preparation

Food Nutrition


Servel, Inc. (1942)

Kelvinator Division of Nash-Kelvinator Corp (1951)

Betty Crocker of General Mills (1958)


American Forest Products Industries, Inc. (1951)

Frozen Foods

International Harvester Co. (1946)
Whirlpool Corp.(1958)

c. 1946



-- G --



Program Title          

Allis -Chalmers Manufacturing Co. (1951)
Farm Equipment Div. Allis-Chalmers Mfg Co (1962)

c. 1946

Girls' Demonstration

Girls' Record

Introduced 1922

Montgomery Ward & Co. (1942)

c. 1946



-- H --



Program Title          
Health Improvement
Introduced 1947


Kellogg Co. (1951)
Eli Lilly and Company (1958)
Home Economics

Girls' Home Economics

Montgomery Wards
Home Environment

S & H Foundation
Home Grounds Beautification

Mrs. Charles R Walgreen(1942)

Home Improvement

Sears-Roebuck Foundation

Home Management        


-- L --



Program Title          

H.A. Moses & Edward Foss Wilson ( 1942)Edward Foss Foundation (1958)
Sears-Roebuck (1962)

No County level award (1946)


-- M --



Program Title          
Meat Animal

County Live Stock Champion

Introduced: 1928

Named after Thomas E Wilson (1868-1958)




-- P --



Program Title          
Petroleum Power

Sponsor: Standard Oil

Introduced: 1944
Plant and Soil Science

Quaker Oats

Swift & Company (1946)
Dearborn Motors Corp. (1951)
Sears-Roebuck Foundation (1958)
Heisdorf & Nelson Farms Inc. (1962)
Public Speaking


Introduced: 1949

-- R --

Program Title          
Recreation - Rural Arts


United States Rubber Co. ( 1951)

National Committee on Boys and Girls Club Works (1958)

John Deere (1962)


Rural Electrification

Westinghouse Elec. Mfg, Co. (1942)



-- S --



Program Title          


4H Farm Safety (1946)

Introduced: 1944

General Motors Corp.
Soil Conservation

Soil and Water Conservation


Firestone Tire & Rubber Co.

Moorman Manufacturing Co.

-- T --

Program Title          
Tractor Operator


Tractor Maintenance


American Oil Co., Humble Oil and Refining Co, National Committee on Boys and Girls Club Work, Standard Oil, Utah Oil Refining Co.




-- V --

Program Title          
Veterinary Science      
Victory Achievement

International Harvester Co. (1942)
County Award was a gold-filled medal, unknown design        
Victory Garden

Sears-Roebuck & Co. (1942)
1946 - No County Winners 1947 - County Winner Medal is "4H Garden" Medal      



-- W --



Program Title          
Wildlife Conservation        
Wood Science
Wood Working        


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